Contribute by being a

Maker coordinator

We call on you to:

  1. Sign up mask makers in your area

When mask makers register, they will tell you information that makes it easier for you to plan your approach. They will tell you if:

  • What materials they need (we have donated cotton fabric and cotton thread to share)
  • How many masks they can make a day
  • Their closest collection and drop off point (or their address if they want finished masks collected from their homes)
  • We also ask if they are a small business.
  1. Sign up and coordinate with drop off and collection points

It is vital that you stay home, and stay safe. Do not take any unnecessary risks and do not go out more than you normally would.

There are garages, pharmacies and grocery stores that are open during lockdown. Some of these have offered to put up boxes where people can donate fabric and drop off finished masks. As a maker-coordinator, you will need to:

  • Sign up these collection points (normally garages or Spars as they are franchise owned)
  • Put in place a system with the drop off point so that you know when masks are ready to be collected (normally a WhatsApp message from the store owner)
  • Let our logistics partner know that there are masks to be collected
  1. Update us on how many masks have been made

Log onto the website and update the number of masks that have been made, and where they have been donated.

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