We give masks to communities,
and sell them to companies.

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You could call us the Robin Hood of masks. We help people around the globe make and donate masks to people who need them.

We give masks to essential services, charitable organisations and the vulnerable population.

There are many people who need masks, but can’t afford to buy them. From homeless shelters to frail care centres, clinics and orphanages, animal shelters – the list is endless. The need is great. If you are an organisation that needs masks, please let us know. We’ll match you with a sewing circle closest to you.
Through our partnership with Africa Tikkun we can also help you get food parcels.


Businesses and people who can afford to buy masks can buy them for R30 a mask.

Some of our mask makers are single mothers and NGOs who are struggling to put food on the table. We would like to help them make it through these difficult times with dignity and match them up with people and businesses who can afford to buy masks. We look for the makers who are closest to you so that you can keep it local, and support your community.
As we are a registered not-for-profit enterprise, your contribution is tax-deductible.

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