Soul in the soil

Food is life.

We can heal ourselves, and the earth, if we work together using simple approaches to growing nourishing food.

Food free of chemicals and full of life.

Join us as we make a difference in communities around the country by going back to the soil.

Each community garden we adopt is planned, planted and mentored. And then mentors others becoming a never-ending spiral of positive change.

Look good, feel good, do good.

10 Million Makers started as a citizen movement to empower and inspire Africans to make masks for themselves and the people they care about. We made and donated over 320 000 masks, and we are tremendously proud of that achievement.

We continue to use our talents for good, working with individuals and organisations who want to make a difference. Together, we will do more.

10 Million Makers is a registered not-for-profit company (registration number: 2020/183391/08) and a public benefit organisation (930066671) .