Fair made, fairtrade products that support local communities

10MillionMasks started as a citizen movement to empower and inspire Africans to make masks for themselves and the people they care about. We made and donated over 220 000 masks, and we are tremendously proud of that achievement.

Now that lockdown has lifted most of our makers have gone back to work. Yet there are still over 18 million South Africans who need masks, but can’t afford to buy them. These unemployed South Africans have no option but to live off charity, waiting for handouts.

Let’s rather give them dignity. Support cottage industries based in townships, informal settlements, garages and dining rooms. The money that they make from making and selling these masks will be the only money that their families earn.

10MillionMasks is a registered not-for-profit company (registration number: 2020/183391/08).

Look good, feel good, do good.

Masks are not just for protection; they also say something about who you are.

When you buy a mask from the 10MillionMask store, you not only keep a small business alive – you also help us to get a mask to someone who needs it, but can’t afford to buy it.

Your 10MillionMask says something bold.

It shows that you care.

Without you saying anything at all.