10 Million Love Notes

7,8 and 9th August

Celebrate love, women and music

With performances from over 50 emerging and professional musicians – there is something for everyone. Join us in this celebration of these musicians who are sharing their most precious gifts – their music, their creation, their art. Organised and curated by Erin Lovemore.

Streamed on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. While there is no cover-charge, any donations are appreciated.

The gentle art of kindness

The Kindness Contagion is spreading

Ten artists. One cause. 

Making a difference: Ten underground artists are given a blank canvas of a blank mask. These become artworks. Statements. Stories.

Making meaning: As they work on their masks, each artist records their thoughts on three questions: why kindness counts, why masks matter and why they chose to get involved.

Evolving the thread: The original hand-painted mask is photographed or scanned and brought into the digital space where the design evolves into something new as it is remixed and remastered.

Making money: we have two artifacts: the original art-mask and the digital evolutions. The art-mask is put into a collection to be bought as a set, and the digital copies are sold online. The maker decides what they want to do with these proceeds – they can keep them or donate them to 10MIllionMasks NPC.

Mandela Day raffle

Give back in the spirit of Madiba

Mandela spent 67 years making the world a better place – Mandela’s 67 years of service to humankind began in 1942 when he started to campaign for the human rights of every South African.

In 2020, we found a way for you to give back  in a different way.

We sold hundreds of tickets, and raised just over R11 500. Thank you to all who bought tickets, and to all who donated prizes.

Congratulations to our winners, Rob Lloyd and Kara-Leigh Baker.