The gentle art of kindness

The Kindness Contagion is spreading

Ten artists. One cause. 

Making a difference: Ten underground artists are given a blank canvas of a blank mask. These become artworks. Statements. Stories.

Making meaning: As they work on their masks, each artist records their thoughts on three questions: why kindness counts, why masks matter and why they chose to get involved.

Evolving the thread: The original hand-painted mask is photographed or scanned and brought into the digital space where the design evolves into something new as it is remixed and remastered.

Making money: we have two artifacts: the original art-mask and the digital evolutions. The art-mask is put into a collection to be bought as a set, and the digital copies are sold online. The maker decides what they want to do with these proceeds – they can keep them or donate them to 10MIllionMasks NPC.

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