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Cynthia Mey

I got involved in the Art of Kindness because kindness is something that should always be done. It is like breathing, it should be a natural act that you perform in your everyday life. The ripple effect it can have on someone’s life can open possibilities to a better future.

As an artist, Cynthia Mey (AKA Sin) has been imagining and making unique designs for years now – but her favourite creation is SIN BIN, the slightly insane and wonderfully imaginative studio she founded in 2009. Cynthia has always believed that creativity will find a way – after all, you can’t lockdown a vivid imagination. As well as producing unique illustrations and eye-catching graphic design work, she also creates unusual fashion accessories and clothing for the expressive individual.

Cynthia is available for commissions – hand painted masks, original prints and a range of clothes. See her work at www.sin-bin.co.za.