Greg Kamanda

I decided to Join 10MillionMasks because I felt like it was the right platform to help people, the community and other artists like myself that within this uncertainty there’s a bigger picture, that we are our brothers keepers and we all need each to make sure that we’re not going through this on our own.

It’s gives back to the community and we are the community so anything that cares for us should be appreciated and supported.

243 is the DRC dial code. Greg Kamanda, known as Greg243, makes it clear that where he comes from is just as important as where he is going.

His mother is his biggest champion, and his inspiration. The sacrifices that she made to single-handily raise her family inspires Greg to make a difference, and celebrate her in everything that he does. Art keeps him sane in shaky times.

Greg has many talents – from poetry to art – he makes works that make people smile across walls, shows, clothes and canvas.