Enoch Stitch Ndhlovu

“While people cry about losing loved ones during the pandemic, flowers calm our nerves and remain pretty even on top of a casket.

Kindness makes the environment a better place to live in. To live-and-let-live is a new world order, so everyone should play their part and wear a mask. I feel fortunate to be included in this project because I believe crochet has a power to heal broken souls.”

In 2002, Stitch met Mvelo at the World Summit at the Credo Mutwa village. The rest is history. Through Mvelo’s guidance Stitch’s natural talent blossomed. Stitch is never seen without his needle and thread – and before long he became known as Stitch.

His work is housed in multiple galleries in South Africa – and he makes custom work to order.

He is also a long distance runner who has completed multiple Comrades races.