Lauren Dixon-Paver

“Creating or wearing something beautiful brings joy and hope in a time of global fear. When a pandemic makes every day a matter of life or death, kindness, hope, love and knowledge make the world a better place. Kindness should never come from a place of serving the giver but be given freely.”

Masks are a part of life now and they matter because people matter. Not wearing a mask asserts that your own minor discomfort is more important than protecting the lives of others, loved ones and yourself. Not wearing a mask is selfish – and science proves that.

My creative inspiration was difficult to find, feeling isolated in lockdown. My house plants are the only things that rely on me for survival. I’ve spent lockdown googling “why are my peace lily’s leaves turning brown,” trying to nurture it back to health, moving it from sunlight to shade, caring for it in every way, and yet, I’ve had to accept that flowers are seasonal – sadly, dying is part of life.

Nurturing something we know can never be permanent is an act of kindness that makes our time shared better, whether that has longevity or not. Plants remind us that there is natural resilience. We will make it through.

Lauren is a multimedia designer and self-taught stitcher, with a passion for combining the traditional and technological by creating animated embroideries and bringing an old-school medium to life.

You can follow her work on instagram