Gail Scott Wilson

“Imagine a world full of kindness, how rewarding it would be if we were all respectful, helpful and gentle with each other.”

I was honoured to be invited to partake in this collab. After much thought and a rollercoaster ride of emotions that have come with this pandemic, I want to instil a sense of peace and calm. ‘Just Breathe’ is a phrase used when we want to let others know that everything is going to be okay, that life goes on.

Orange stands for warmth, strength, joy and creativity, a colour dominant in the Hindu and Buddhist religions, so let’s all have faith. The green fields with flowers are symbolic of the longing for this to be over, to experience freedom once again. The swirls are for the air we breathe illustrating the turmoil we are going through.

Gail is a Joburger involved in Jozi Land Art events. She is also an avid street photographer. Lockdown for Covid-19 gave her the opportunity to spend time on other artistic endeavours such as embroidery and slow stitching. Gail enjoys giving back to her community by collaborating with others for creative and meaningful causes.