@ginaniederhumer and www.ginaniederhumer.com

Gina Niederhumer

“Kindness is a tonic for everyone.”

Gina is originally from Austria and now lives in Cape Town. Her work tries to make sense of what it means to live between two worlds, stitching her life together.

She has a textile studio-collective in Muizenberg, where she shows the work of local fibre artists and holds classes.  You can find it at www.ginaniederhumer.com.

The short film Sew Many Days by Green Renaissance Movies tells the story of Gina’s stitched postcards.

I like to treat others in the way I like to be treated… and kindness is a tonic for everyone. I joined this collab because I like embroidery and if I can help in a small way, then I’m glad.

Masks matter because if they can help prevent catching this virus, then they’re worth wearing as a sign of respecting the people I come in contact with, not wanting to potentially pass the virus onto others. It’s a solidarity thing.

Gina has three masks for sale