Lerato Motau

“A simple act of kindness can turn a bad day into a good day. By taking the time to help others, we not only give them a better day, but their satisfaction and gratitude can make ours better as well.”

Masks are important, because they can be effective to protect us from the Covid-19 virus.

A bespoke mask is an extension of one’s personality as well as our mental health and protects others.

My self-made mask attracts people to ask where I purchased it. Even though they cannot see my smile, my eyes sparkle and reflect my form of kindness when I respond to say I made it.

Lerato is a fibre textile artist based in Orlando West, Soweto.

Her embroidery is stitched with wool in mashangane (bright neon) colours, symbolic of her Shangaan ancestry. Lerato’s largest artwork titled Fabric of the Universe is 17 metres long using paint and needlework to represent the microscopic and the cosmic. It hangs at the Leonardo Hotel in Sandton and was commissioned by the Trinity Session.