Artist unmasked

Meet our remarkable artists who use their talents and time to build a kinder society – click on the artist to read their thoughts on kindness, compassion and making art that make a difference.

Anja du Plessis, unmasked.

“There are a million ways to show kindness.”

Juliu, unmasked.

“Being a part of this movement means that I can play my part in helping others.”

Ben Muthee, unmasked.

“Kindness comes naturally to every human heart.”

Bilal, unmasked.

“Without kindness, there is no point in living.”

Coolio Vasquez, unmasked.

“This initiative is a perfect way to help people in need while doing what I love.”

Cynthia Mey, unmasked.

“Kindness is like breathing. It should be done everyday.”

Martine Tina Mbiola, unmasked.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

Katleho Mokoena, unmasked.

“In these trying times, if I can use my art form to help, I am more than willing to put in the work.”

Danielle Albertyn, unmasked.

“May the new normal be a more compassionate and empathetic future.”

Sibusiso Sangweni, unmasked.

“Volunteering offers the opportunity to cross paths with people across my community to show Ubuntu.”

Greg Kamanda, unmasked.

“Within this uncertainty there’s a bigger picture.  We are not going through this on our own.”

Thabiso, unmasked.

“To some they might only see a mask but others this is a sign of hope, love and faith.”

Aubrey Botha, unmasked.

“We serve humanity by using our given talent.”

Ray Witcher, unmasked.

“We all need a little colour in our lives, and I’m happy to add to that!”

Geezy Ndhlovu, unmasked.

“This gave me a chance to give back while working towards my dream to teach art to children for free.”

Sonia Dearling, unmasked.

“Kindness is one thing that we can give during this time when so many of us are struggling.”

Nell-Louise, unmasked.

“You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always.”

Gail Scott Wilson, unmasked.

“Imagine a world full of kindness, how rewarding it would be if we were all respectful, helpful and gentle with each other.”

Gill Haggis, unmasked.

“Kindness counts as it connects us all and gentles the world.”

Siphelele Ngubane, unmasked.

“When you’re kind you’re doing something nice for the community.”

Lerato Motau, unmasked.

“A simple act of kindness can turn a bad day into a good day.”

Bev Butkow, unmasked.

“The world can be harsh, and showing kindness counters this by creating acceptance, inclusion and connection. It reasserts our humanity.”

Adele Helfrich, unmasked.

“Being kind is not a weakness, I believe it is the most valued characteristic.”

Gina Niederhumer, unmasked.

“I like to treat others in the way I like to be treated… and kindness is a tonic for everyone.”

Lauren Dixon-Paver, unmasked.

“Kindness should never come from a place of serving the giver but be given freely.”

Megan Grobbelaar, unmasked.

“Kindness matters because it makes us feel safe and happy.”

Lebuseng Mofokeng, unmasked.

“Wherever we may go, kindness leads to growth of humanity and humbleness.”

Lisa Dawson, unmasked.

“Kindness can change someone’s sadness, loneliness and despair into hope.”

Erica Luttich, unmasked.

“We need to encourage kindness filled with empathy.”

Stacey Rozen, unmasked.

“Being kind is a revolutionary act. Be a revolutionist! Fuel a global revolution! Wear the Revolution art mask and smize.”

Stacey Rozen, unmasked.

“Crochet has a power to heal broken souls.”